Diversity & Inclusion Report


"Working together with our diverse colleagues and allies across all TK offices, we will continue the progress toward an equitable and inclusive workplace that reflects our clients and communities."

Vivian M. Arias and Andrew C. Cookingham
Diversity & Inclusion Committee Co-Chair

“We are fortunate to have had dedicated mentors and sponsors who have provided us with opportunities to learn, grow and lead.”

Lee Meyercord and Melissa Davis
Women’s Initiative Committee Co-Chairs

“TK is committed to making our communities better, stronger, more equitable, and just. We do that through the practice of law, through spirited community engagement and leadership, support of social justice causes and by continually assessing and elevating our own performance.”

Christopher L. Chauvin
Pro Bono Committee Chair

At Thompson & Knight, we believe in the extraordinary power of each of us – all together. We value diverse perspective, independent thought, individuality, and the amazing differences that enlighten and uplift us all.

We also believe in all together: the collective spirit that occurs when we connect, collaborate, and unite around a shared sense of purpose and values.

Intentionally Inclusive

We are resolute in our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We plan for diversity and inclusion, we value diversity and inclusion, we measure our performance, and we strive to do better every day. We are intentional. We are inclusive.
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Inclusive Highlights

Thompson & Knight’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive work culture is about progress, continual improvement, and the constant quest to recruit and retain professionals who bring a breadth of background and perspective to our clients.

Mark M. Sloan, Managing Partner

Mark M. Sloan

Managing Partner


Building Trust

We understand the vital currency of trust – trust with our clients, our community, and our exceptional team of attorneys. We believe that trust begins with respecting the individual and expands exponentially when we converge. That is the premise of this, our debut Diversity & Inclusion Report: Each of Us. All Together.

And while this is our first formal report, it is just the latest reflection of our longstanding efforts to create a culture of trust, respect, diversity, and inclusion.

We are proud of our progress and excited by the prospects ahead. We have more work to do. And we are inspired by our team and by the trust and values we share – together.”

Our Affinity Groups

The Women’s Initiative Committee

Women's Initiative Committee

We help female attorneys develop mentoring relationships, leadership skills, and career opportunities – all aimed at supporting their advancement and promotion. In particular, the Women’s Initiative Committee focuses on the integration of female attorneys, networking, and ongoing professional development.



LGBTK is our Firm’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer affinity group, launched to create and continue an open and supportive working environment in which everyone is respected and included, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

LGBTK has three primary goals: to increase the visibility of queer communities at the Firm and in the legal community; to advocate for hiring, retention, benefits, and human resource policies that will make us more attractive to queer and queer-friendly attorneys and clients; and to work with allies to develop lasting, productive relationships with other state and local affinity groups.

Black Lawyer Affinity Council

Black Lawyer Affinity Council

Our Firm’s Black Lawyer Affinity Council (TKBLAC) provides support, networking, and leadership opportunities for the Firm’s African American/Black attorneys and assists us in attracting, developing, engaging and retaining diverse team members, and in maintaining an inclusive, respectful, and engaged work environment.

Working Parents Affinity Group

Working Parents Affinity Group

Our Firm recognizes the demands of working parents and encourages work/life balance and a supportive culture through family-friendly policies, employee benefits, resources, and events. The Working Parents Affinity Group (WPAG) was established to help parents cope with the many unique challenges presented during COVID-19 and has quickly become an active and engaged community of working parents who share experiences, ideas, and helpful ‘life hacks.’ It is also integral to ensuring that our Firm remains responsive to the needs of working parents and provides an attractive, flexible environment to future parents.

Diverse Student Outreach

Investing in People

Sina Faizy, 1L Law Student, SMU Dedman School of Law

“I knew that I wanted to be a TK Fellow when first introduced to the many unique voices at the Firm that served as examples of just how valued and celebrated my perspective would be. As a woman of color and the child of immigrants, it is easy for my voice to be lost within the legal community, which is why the genuine support of my voice, through programs like LCLD, set TK apart and demonstrated the type of authentic commitment to diversity and development I always dreamt of having in my workplace. I am honored to have the chance to develop at a firm that not only views me as an investment but has a genuine desire to invest in me from so early on.”

— Sina Faizy,
SMU Dedman School of Law, 2020 1L Diversity Fellow
Samson Goriola, 1L Law Student, Duke University School of Law

“I applied to be a TK Fellow because I believe that diversity begets diversity. The inclusion of diverse talent cultivates diverse inputs, skill sets, clientele, and opportunities. As a TK Fellow, I have the pleasure of participating in efforts that embrace this belief. Particularly, as a 1L LCLD Scholar, I’m granted a shared experience with other diverse, smart, and capable students that may enhance the potential of my own and my colleagues’ careers. I am glad to be a part of a firm that supports the LCLD program, honored to be chosen as a TK Fellowship Recipient, and encouraged by TK’s growing diversity and inclusion efforts.”

— Samson Goriola,
Duke University School of Law, 2020 1L Diversity Fellow
Sydne K. Collier, Associate, 2020 LCLD Pathfinder

“I am honored to be a 2020 LCLD Pathfinder! The LCLD Pathfinder Program offers excellent events uniquely tailored towards professional growth and building your network as a diverse attorney. My most memorable moment so far occurred earlier this week when LCLD hosted a virtual meeting with a small group of Black women attorneys in different stages of their careers. The meeting provided an additional safe place outside of work to be heard and seen while discussing current events and shared experiences navigating the legal profession as a woman of color. I look forward to every LCLD session because I know it is going to challenge the way I approach my professional and personal development.”

— Sydne K. Collier,
Associate, 2020 LCLD Pathfinder

Looking forward together.

Nichole Dotson-Olajuwon

Chief Diversity Officer

Looking forward together.

“Thompson & Knight has a longstanding dedication to diversity and inclusion. The progress described in this report represents a renewed and strengthened commitment. With the support of our Firm’s leadership, we make great strides in our efforts to create a more diverse workforce and more inclusive workplace.”